White-hat SEO and promotion of gambling sites

Internet promotion and popularization of sites, including the subject matter of gambling, presupposes the use of online marketing, which has white-hat SEO as one of its main direction. Algorithms of search engines have long learned to find and block the sites that used forbidden optimization methods for the improvement of their standing. Therefore, natural SEO is a safe way of promotion today.

What is white-hat SEO, its methods and instruments

Natural or white-hat SEO is a set of optimization methods for internet resources recommended by search engines for promotion. Gambling sites being promoted this way have all chances to get good standing and to maintain it for a long time without any the risk of imposition of sanctions. However, these methods do not have immediate effect.

Modern white-hat SEO methods are mostly aimed at internal optimization of a site. They include the following:

  • collection of semantic kernel;
  • provisioning pages with useful content;
  • SEO-optimization of texts;
  • interlinking of pages;
  • meta-tags formatting;
  • creation of site map and robots.txt file;
  • cleaning and optimization of program code;
  • improvement of usability.

First of all, these actions are aimed at creating more convenience for site users, increasing the influx of visitors and reducing the number of refusals, which has a positive influence on the standing of pages in search results.

The users’ thematic inquires or key words constitute the main instrument of natural SEO. They form the basis of semantic kernel of the sites, which is later used for optimization of pages and launching of advertisement.

Nowadays, external white-hat SEO goes down to contextual advertising and registration of site in trust catalogues.

Site trust is influenced by the following parameters:

  • resource age – the longer is the age, the higher is the level of trust;
  • traffic – the more of users visit a site and stay for a long time, the better influence it has on the site, the number of pages visited also matters;
  • inbound links from trust resources – one of the most important parameters for generating confidence towards the trust;
  • domain extension of inbound resources – availability of active references on sites, which rarely refer to someone else’s pages (e.g. .gov, .edu) shows a positive influence in terms of trust increase;
  • outbound links – active references to spam, banned or law-violating resources facilitate the decrease of confidence towards the site, as do dead links;
  • external links – with natural increase in the amount of external links on various around-the-subject resources, this parameter may facilitate the increase in confidence towards the site, but rapid increase in links, especially on young sites, may have quite a reverse effect;
  • content uniqueness – provisioning pages with technically unique and original in meaning content positively influences the site trust;
  • resource capability for updates – the more often the pages are being updated with the use of new content, the better;
  • selling or buying SEO-links – in case search engines uncover the fact of selling or buying of paid-for links, degree of confidence towards the site may decrease.

One way or another, spreading of content in social media, as well as natural reference to the site on around-the-subject  and subject resources (articles, forums, blogs), and generation of direct search inquiries from users shows positive influence on the site trust.

Peculiarities of promotion as to gambling sites by “white” means


Promotion of resources related to gambling is rather difficult. The main problem is that gambling is banned in the majority of countries. Consequently, the most effective way for traffic generation, namely advertising, is banned as well.

To promote a gambling site into TOP search results by “white” means, it is necessary to pay attention to a number of peculiarities:

  • gamblers’ psychology – a site has to be strictly designed for its target audience;
  • loyalty program – the users should get bonuses, which are supposed to keep them in the game, while it is also important to have detailed and user-friendly loyalty programs;
  • side effects of negative balance –gamblers should not go negative; for that purpose gamblers are provided with a detailed scheme of extra bonuses with the description and terms of payout, as well as a cash back;
  • gambling terms – users (gamblers) could use the “slang” of a hardcore gambler; thematic vocabulary is a substantial part of white-hat SEO, because it gives an opportunity to add a large amount of key words useful for SEO-promotion;
  • suggestion and complaint system – a system of suggestions, complaints and reviews on gambling brands allows to increase media space and attract additional traffic to the site.

It may seem that this has nothing to do with classical SEO. However, correct usability and gambling-site format will continuously attract new gamblers. This will provide traffic, decrease the number of refusals, and the standing of gambling resource in search engines will be constantly going up and be strengthened with every new update.

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