Psychological Profile of a Gambler in OnlineCasino

Offline and onlinecasinos give people various kinds of emotions: happiness, joy, anger, disappointment, complacency. Psychology of a gambler mostly depends on ultimate goal of gambling. Some folks sit down at a table to hit jackpot and grow rich, some do it to assert themselves, some wish to demonstrate their logical skills and razor-sharp mind, and some just cannot imagine their lives without adrenaline buzz. Every gambler is not shared with another, but all of them are united by gambling.

Let us imagine an abstract online casino gambler. Once in a while, he visits one of the customary sites like Casino Futuriti, where he places his bets. He loses, wins, loses again and so on until he bows out. But what makes him tick?

Why a gambler sits down at a table

Despite popular opinion that games are meant for children, psychologists claim the opposite. As a matter of fact, notwithstanding age, everyone is prone to games and is able to experience impressions during such a pursuit.

It is possible to stand out some tangible reasons for gambling passion:

  • Need for risk – risk makes many people feel joy and emotions commonly inaccessible, which makes their life more interesting and complete;
  • New experience–gamblers strive to find gambling patterns, have a good look at algorithms, plan working strategies, however, not having the understanding of real principles of gambling, many of them work out their own rituals: happy faces, accessories, signs etc.
  • Switching off from troubles– the passion that gamblers experience during gambling is sometimes comparable to orgasm; it is the necessary shakeout for one’s brain, which provides an opportunity to truly rest;
  • Urge to grow rich–improvement in material and social position lets one assert himself and cope with his complexes; psychologists’ studies show that only 20% of gamblers would just prefer to get a certain amount of money, while the remaining 80% would choose risk and a chance to win twice as much.

In any of the above cases, a gambler is driven by emotions, which he is able to experience at a gambling table. Real fear is being replaced with terror, and subsequently terror is transformed into joy and happiness – or anger and disappointment. Such mood swings and adrenalin buzz are the reasons why gamblers visit online gaming sites.

What about online casinos?


Micro sites do not sit idle. Just like offline casinos, they attract and keep close active gamblers by all means. It is facilitated by the specific rhythm of gambling, pauses of particular duration, loyalty programs with all kinds of goodies for users, and, of course, the environment.

The design of online casinos pages is pretty close to the arrangement of classical gambling houses: attractive bright colors and, at the same time, tables in smooth blue and green shades, sounds of pouring coins and ovations upon wins, tons of bonuses and pleasant surprises. Besides, utterly welcoming and loyal  technical support of the site is a very important asset. Respectable online casinos never conceal their policy from their users, which often comes down to responsible gambling.

Gambling sites pay special attention to searching for gamblers and attracting them. Due to the specifics of this sphere, white-hat SEO is used facilitating the effective promotion of online casino and its consolidation on top positions of search engine results.

Psychology of gain

Notwithstanding that the fact of acquiring money without substantial investments is a positive gambling element in and of itself, psychologists are inclined to pay special attention to the emotional aspect of gain.

Continuous change of emotions is a pledge of long-term gambling. If a gambler continuously loses or wins, such consistency will soon become boring, and he will go somewhere else for new experiences, but when he gains from time to time and with pauses of various durations, he will proceed with placing his bets hoping for good luck.

Three types of gamblers


Based on the analysis performed, one may determine three main types of online casino users:

  1. Gamblers – they strive to experience surge of emotion, relax, entertain themselves, learn something new, try their own strategies and, of course, to gain some cash. Such people mostly view gambling as their hobby, and they are ready to spend some money for it, but at the same time they are able to quit when it is necessary and turn their attention to other things.
  2. Businessmen – they view casino as their working place. A gain for them is a salary. When placing bets, they almost never put to risk more than 2% of their income. They have some passion, but emotions do not overshadow their common sense. For businessmen, gambling is their job.
  3. Addicts – those are addicted gamblers who try to find shelter from the rest of the world in gambling , to hide from their problems and troubles, to hit jackpot. Eventually, a gain in and of itself is no longer the point for them, and euphoria is all that really matters. Such gamblers often spend all their free and even working time for gambling. Huge debts become the order of the day for them. Such condition is very close to drug addiction, therefore gambling addicts need rehabilitation.

Fortunately, an overwhelming majority of online casino frequenters belong to the first two types mentioned above. Gamblers who take interest in gambling without irresistible passion for bets and major gains may easily turn their hobby into job and raise substantial revenues through it.

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