Affiliate programs as a way of Internet earnings

When creating proprietary online portals, webmasters intend not only to provide users with helpful information, but to gain profits as well. One of the ways of site monetization is participation in affiliate programs. This way of earnings implies advertising of affiliate product by placing banners and links on webpages. Let us take the example of gambling matter to understand what this system is like and whether it is really profitable for webmasters.

What is an affiliate program

An affiliate program is one of the ways of business cooperation between a  project, which is normally already hyped, and a webmaster. It implies a number of mutual rules that regulate partners’ relations. The program’s concept reduces itself to attracting active users (in this case, potential gamblers) and to get monetary remuneration as a payment.

Affiliated sites (affiliates) directly participate in the promotion of major projects. However, now we are talking not about black promotion, but about extension of advertising network that consists of a multitude of resources, mostly subject-oriented, which belong to different webmasters. From the point of view of promotion, building up of a natural link mass refers to white-hat SEO and is allowed by search systems. In other words, the subject matter of affiliated sites must correspond to an advertised project.

What a site should be like to participate in an affiliate program


Every webmaster is interested in the efficiency of advertising, for it directly affects its income. Therefore, it is not enough just to add a banner to a sidebar. A site must to correspond to a number of criteria:

  • thematic correspondence to an affiliate program – there’s no point in placing a link in online casino on a site associated with construction, for target audience is not interested in such advertising; a resource must preferably be based on gambling theme; if there are some doubts as to whether a particular portal meets the needs of advertising, a psychological profile of a gambler should be reviewed and used as a basis for making final decision;
  • active web-site traffic – the more users visit a resource, the more clicks there will be on an advertising link;
  • compliance with laws – an affiliated site must not violate the laws of its country;

How an affiliate program works

Any affiliate program is aimed at attracting users by placing links on the respective resource. It is easier to earn profits in this sphere having proprietary sites that are thematically close to advertised products. In other words, to participate in an affiliate program, an online casino should preferably have a successful gambling portal.


The operation principle of an affiliate program represents a kind of the following sequence of actions:

  1. A web-master performs registration in an affiliate program and places promo materials on its site.
  2. A user visits the site and sees an interesting advertisement.
  3. Then he clicks on a banner and passes into an online casino.
  4. After that, he performs registration, places money on an account and gambles.
  5. A webmaster of an affiliate site gets monetary funds in accordance with the terms of affiliate program.

As the amount needed for payout is being accumulated, a webmaster transfers the money from its affiliate account to any available digital wallet or bank (card) account.

Popular payout types

Various affiliate programs offer multiple ways of crediting funds. Here are the most popular types of getting payouts when advertising an online casino:

  • fixed amount for registration of a gambler – credited one time;
  • interest from a gambler’s deposit – credited every time when a gambler places money on an account;
  • interest from on online casino’s profit – credited with every loss of a gambler;
  • interest from profit on a bet – credited every time when a gambler places a bet, regardless of whether he wins or loses;
  • mixed model – brings together several types of payouts.

Some affiliate programs imply interest rate fluctuations depending on the intensity of attracting users and their activity;

Current starting payout terms of Affiliya are available here

The affiliate program Affiliya


A classic example of an affiliate program in gambling sphere – Affiliya Partners – promotes the well-known European online casino Futuriti.

The program implies placing of advertising materials (banners or text links to casino) on the pages of affiliate sites. At that, a webmaster gets up to 55% on every loss of a gambler who has been attracted through an affiliate site during the entire period of its activity. An additional referral program is in force, in accordance with which a web-master gets 5% from the income of every new affiliate that has been registered through a referral link.

In addition, program  support actively answers any affiliates’ questions via Skype, Viber, telegram, via email and phone, which is a very convenient  way for users.

Data on affiliation of a gambler are never deleted from database. Even if a gambler stops placing bets and returns to a project after a while, a webmaster will start getting profit again. To withdraw funds from an affiliate account, it is enough to earn just €20.

As is evident from this article, participation in affiliate programs may become an excellent way for a webmaster to monetize its site. In gambling sphere, profit from one affiliate program may amount to a few thousand dollars per month. However, to do so one needs to have an actively attended game-focused portal.

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